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Radem un pic? && 99 de lucruri despre mine (IV)

ShareSa va povestesc despre ultimul curs de actorie (de joi).
In foarte multe cazuri improvizatia bate unele texte super-elaborate sau piese/scenete pregatite temeinic. Evident, depinde si de cel care joaca. Nu, nu e lauda de sine (apar si eu in clipul urmator, dar nu sunt foarte expresiv, eram obosit ). Just click play.. o [...]

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Type-in comedy

ShareThis is another attempt of mine at creating stand-up material. I know some of these jokes are really far-fetched (the concept of dyslexic humor itself is far fetched, hehe) but what the hell. As this page states: “Please keep in mind that what follows is all presented not to exploit what is truly a problematic [...]

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Type-in comedy

Share*** DISCLAIMER: my English is not that good, so I don’t know if “streaking” is the most appropriate word for what I’m trying to express. Anyway, I am not referring to streaking as running naked in public. ***
I am a stand-up comedian trapped in the body of a socially awkward geek with moderate charisma. [...]

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